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From Andreas Hartmann <andr...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Removing source extensions
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 10:25:52 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> El mié, 12-04-2006 a las 11:56 +0200, Andreas Hartmann escribió:
>> Thorsten Scherler wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I am looking into fixing a bug that is occurs when you are trying to
>>> create a new entry in the blog pub.
>>> http://lenya.zones.apache.org:9999/blog/authoring/feeds/all/index.html?&lenya.usecase=site.create
>>> will give
>>> Cannot write to source
>>> [lenya://lenya/pubs/blog/content/authoring/entries/2006/04/12/test/index/index_en.xml.meta]:
not locked!
>>> Somebody an idea, why that happens and how to fix it?
>> I guess it's related to the recent changes regarding the
>> source extensions.
>> IMO we should get rid of the source extensions entirely.
>> They create a lot of confusion and make the codebase more
>> complex and error-prone.
>> Let's just do it like this:
>>    <uuid>
>>    <uuid>.meta
>>    index
>>    index.meta
>> regardless of the document / resource type.
> The problem I see is that if we use this as well for storing we loose
> mime type specific information for the operating systems and IDEs.

I guess you mean IDE-based content editors (e.g., an Eclipse plug-in
for Lenya)? These components will use a repository access mechanism
like WebDAV. The WebDAV layer can present the documents according to
meta data (i.e., the appropriate source extension is stored in the
meta data and attached in the WebDAV view of the document). The
internal storage data are *only* visible to the Lenya repository

Or do you mean editing the source files directly in your IDE?
That's like adding a crank to a car to start the engine manually.
I don't object if the car is startable manually, but I do object
to adding a 20 kg gold-plated crank which reduces the maximum
speed and requires to re-shape the car body :)

-- Andreas

Andreas Hartmann
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