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From solprovi...@apache.org
Subject PROPOSAL: Multiple Parents
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2006 18:00:01 GMT
=== Text from other discussion
The hierarchical index must exist, but does not need to be reflected
in the data structure.  We have discussed moving to a flat structure
for Document storage.  In relational databases, even the hierarchical
index would be stored in a flat structure:
UNID - ParentKey
DocumentUNID - ParentDocumentUNID

An alternative would allow a document to have several parents:
Key - ParentKey - IsPrimary
DocumentUNID - ParentDocumentUNID - True|False

JCR allows more options for the structure, but we still have to decide
if we want the ability for a document to have several parents.  This
functionality may be useful in rare cases.  Is it worth the additional
complexity to make Lenya useful for those cases?  It would be much
more difficult to add it later than to integrate it during the
migration to JCR.
=== End original text

This assumes Lenya uses a flat structure for document storage:
UNID (Unique Identifer) = one Document.
Document contains ParentUNID.

There would be an index to represent the hierarchical structure
(similar to sitetree.xml)
Each references the document in the flat structure using its UNID.

This proposal is for Documents to have additional Parents:
- ParentUNID
- OtherParentUNIDs

Then we can have multiple indexes for creating the menus.

One would be the standard OneParentPerChild index.
Another would show the AllParents.

Document "aaa" has ParentUNID for "foo".  It also lists "other1" and
"other2" as alternate parents.  "other1" is a top-level document, and
"other2" is under top-level document "parent2".

The standard one-parent index looks like:

The multiple-parent index would look like:

This allows a document to appear at several places in the hierarchy.

In the other discussion about Lenya's structure, I wrote that:
would be easy, but:
could be difficult, but this function could return the URLs for the
document for each of its parents.

If we want to allow multiple parents, this functionality should be
designed into the core as early as possible.  Adding it later could
require rewriting many basic functions.  Specifically it means the
addition of a Document property to store the multiple parents, and
support for multiple indexes.

A related idea is to allow "softlink" documents, where a document
exists, but just points to another document.  It allows similar
functionality, but requires more work from the editors.  It also
requires more work for getAllURLs(), since a document does not know
all the paths for reaching it.  "Multiple parents" and "Softlink
documents" are not mutually exclusive; adding both increases


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