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From Michael Wechner <michael.wech...@wyona.com>
Subject Re: [zones] Demo 1.2 down.
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 00:27:44 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:

>Hi all,
>I did as well an update of the zones demos after yesterdays webpage
>I have problems with 1.2.
>gives an error. Looking at /export/home/lenya/src/lenya-1.2.x with svn
>st gives:
>?      index.html
>M      lenya.sh
>M      src/webapp/sitemap.xmap
>M      src/webapp/lenya/pubs/default/xslt/page2xhtml.xsl
>X      src/webapp/lenya/resources/bxeng
>X      src/webapp/lenya/resources/kupu
>?      tools/bin/index-publication.sh.r201802
>?      tools/bin/index-publication.sh.r201807
>?      tools/bin/index-publication.sh.mine
>C      tools/bin/index-publication.sh
>Somebody knows why we have so many changed files and the conflict?

no. I would assume that none of these files should be modified. What is 
the modification date of these files and
what is the diff?



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