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From Andreas Hartmann <andr...@apache.org>
Subject Workflow Roadmap
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 08:16:10 GMT
Hi Lenya developers,

before contiunuing the discussion about the workflow schema
language specification, I would like to know your opinion
about the general WF integration roadmap for Lenya.

Up to now, my idea was to implement a minimal feature set
with a minimum of costs to keep changes cheap and to avoid
unnecessary work that will be obsolete. I always kept in
mind that it must be possible to integrate a more complex

At the moment, there are two discussions going on:

(1) On our list, Gregor and Daniel point out the benefits of
     a solid and usable WF description language.

(2) On OSCOM, many people seem to be in need of a WF engine
     to be used in CMS. It looks like they want to get started
     with a common WF project.

IMHO this leads to the following questions:

(a) Which way do we want to go for the time being?

     If we follow the path that I suggested, we don't invest more
     research on the current solution but do it the agile way
     (KISS + be ready to implement changes rapidly).

     If we invest much time on the development of our engine and
     decide to switch to a general solution, the time might be wasted.

     If we go the agile way, there is the risk of getting difficulties
     when more complex features are needed. We would have to decide
     if we want to implement these features or if we drop our code
     and integrate an external solution.

(b) How much do we want to invest on following / influencing
     external (WF) projects? IMHO this is a quite important question.

     If we jump on the OSCOM WF train, we could probably influence
     the project. But it is worth the efforts?

So, how do you feel about the further WF development?


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