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From Jann Forrer <jann.for...@id.unizh.ch>
Subject Re: Common Layout and appropriate CSS (missing?)
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 07:05:53 GMT

> To me it  seems that it actually can't work, because there doesn't seem
> to be any pipeline
> which would be able to deliver /lenya/css/default.css.

It seems to be that the following pipeline is calling the ressource:

 <!-- Lenya GUI -->
 <map:match pattern="lenya/**">
   <map:mount uri-prefix="lenya" src="lenya/lenya.xmap" check-reload="true"

Within the lenya.xmap theres is a pipeline delivering default.css.
By the way the request
http://localhost:8080/lenya/lenya/css/default.css delivers the css.

> I guess the reason that it works on Andreas' computer might be because
> of a caching "problem".
At least for my setup:
  SuSE Linux 8.0
  java version "1.4.1_02"

it seems that the hypen within the parameter name is really the problem.
Ater changing context-prefix to contextprefix within the main sitemap

   <map:resource name="style-cms-page">
      <map:transform src="lenya/xslt/util/page2xhtml.xsl">
        <map:parameter name="contextprefix"

and within the stylesheet lenya/xslt/util/page2xhtml.xsl it worked correctly
i.e. the layout is ok. I also tried other name including a hypen as
test-test and again the css is not found, i.e the parameter is empty.


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