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From Danny Angus <>
Subject Re: What are the essential characteristics of the missing "release" that some believe disadvantage us
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2017 11:49:16 GMT
This is a really good point that I (being older :-) hadn't got. I
think you've got something, what we are missing is a distribution
mechanism that provides a high degree of visibility and a low bar to
entry for users (not contributors).

On 14 March 2017 at 04:45, Wade Chandler <> wrote:
> I figured I would start a thread on specifically this question from the
> releases thread.
> I think something many devs do today, probably most, whether it be with
> NodeJs, .Net and Nuget, or Java and Maven repos, when they try out
> libraries, even for experimentation, is to look for some coordinates to add
> to the build tool of the day.
> This is considered a nice thing, and creates a low barrier for entry. I
> find it rare that any of my teams of moderately recent years prefer
> something different. Even the C++ community is working on dependency
> delivery mechanisms, and outside of that quite many rely on prebuilt
> binaries for their OS for build dependencies.
> Who prefers to have to build a dependency, then add the jar to their build?
> To me that is a big deal. Tools make a huge difference in usage.
> Besides libraries, it is advantagious to allow users to take a link, and
> find a package they can download and use in the case of applications.
> This gets to the meat of the issue for me. If I am going to spend time
> building something, or even try out others ideas, I want as little friction
> to make that happen as possible; for myself or others. It is hard to get
> something off the ground without building up some users.
> Thanks
> Wade

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