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From jan iversen <>
Subject Re: Releases
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2017 07:11:27 GMT

> On 14 Mar 2017, at 08:05, Jochen Wiedmann <> wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 6:32 PM, Danny Angus <> wrote:
>> So what are the key characteristics of a "release"?
>> A version number?
>> A permalinked immutable artifact?
> Definitely these. Ideally, the additional ability to distribute where
> developers are looking for such stuff (aka
> In essence, a reference, which others may use when starting to use
> that stuff in external projects. (As opposed to instructions like
> "Build it”.)
A reference (a version) is important, as well as a place to download it from, not only as
source, but frequently also as jar/library/etc.

>> A test completion certificate? Signed distributables?
> I am unaware of someone really bothering about either of these.
Signing does not seem to be a major problem, unless you work on something for the apple store,
and can in that case easily be done by one of the developers.

However having some short of SHA checksum is important especially for prebuilt libraries

Whether it is called release, release-LABS or a third option, is not a problem, it is the
characteristics that matter.

jan I.
> Jochen
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> The next time you hear: "Don't reinvent the wheel!"
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