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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Apache OpenELO
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 21:41:39 GMT
Hi all guys,
I just terminated to watch "The social network" and got so interested
by the 'facemesh' prototype that while watching the movie I started
doing some lazy research and found the rating system they used to rank
At the same time, noticed that a lot of Social Networks started
implementing the same feature, included Mixtent[1] which compares
professional LinkedIn profiles (and just for the record, I got
interviewed from them, but I miserably failed... poor me :( )
So, I would like to start - still don't know when and how, due the
lack of spare time - an open source, customizable and configurable
implementation of the Elo ranking system as a java library.

Purposes could be multiple:
 * allows social netwerk implement the facemesh feature;
 * allows sport/chess/whatever federations to rank participants;
 * ...
 * something nobody has not envisioned yet!

Of course, the objective is creating a codebase for an Incubator proposal.
Please find in attach the generated doap and cast your votes!

[ ] +1, accept OpenELO as new Lab
[ ] +/-0
[ ] -1, and explain why

Votes is open for the next 72 hours and closes on Wed 7 September at 9:40pm CET.

Many thanks in advance, have a nice day!
All the best,


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