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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Stepping Down as PMC Chair
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2008 16:13:24 GMT

the last 6 months of my life have been hectic to say the least: a new 
(purchased) house, two weddings in two different countries (that's what 
happens when gas prices are high and it's better to fly you around than 
a bunch of other people) and a new job.

It is not without regret that I admit I haven't been paying much 
attention to my duties as vice president of the corporation in relation 
to this project. Sure, I've written the board reports where they were 
due and I've read and replied to all emails on this list that I felt I 
needed to reply, but the latest 'crypto'-related threads made me realize 
that not only this project is very low priority for me, but that it's 
neither responsible nor safe, for myself and for the entire foundation, 
that I take my role this lightly.

My stepping down is not a political statement, or a statement on the 
health or the future of labs or the foundation; it's merely a (sad) 
admission that my time is limited (even more than before) and that my 
life is now different and that I see myself going for a walk with my dog 
and my wife, instead of spending time thinking about apache or how to 
improve it. I don't feel ashamed for it, actually I feel rather 
relieved: there has always been a sort of distorted tangy compulsive 
taste in my apache involvement and I'm glad that it's now gone, even if 
that decreases my ability to push things forward.

Now, my last act as chair will be put down a candidate for my successor 
in front of the PMC to vote. This does not mean that others can't step 
up and nominate themselves or get nominated by others, but it's just a 
way to start rolling the dice.

I would like to nominate Bernd Fondermann as PMC chair of Apache Labs. 
He's been one of the most active committers on the labs repository and 
certainly one of those who took most advantage of the spirit with which 
Labs was created. I'd be very happy if he decided to accept my nomination.

After stepping down from the chair, I will remain as part of the PMC and 
will retain the PI status of the labs that I currently run (even without 
much activity).

Thanks for your understanding.


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