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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Subject: Re: Lab for distributed SCM?
Date Sat, 23 Feb 2008 15:39:21 GMT
Santiago Gala wrote:
> El vie, 22-02-2008 a las 17:46 -0800, Joe Schaefer escribió:
>> If people want to experiment with using git-svn or
>> svk or anything else, and there's something about
>> our infrastructure which prevents that, you need
>> only talk to infrastructure about it to see if it
>> can be resolved.  In most cases it can, rather easily.
> I think having a closed list is a big part of the problem. In "normal"
> projects the only list that is not public is purposely called private.
> The only exceptions are a few sensitive lists (one or two per
> committee/project) ... and *all* the infrastructure ones.
> I don't think this makes sense, specially as there is already one
> specifically named "private".

Let's see... "To: incubator@a.o; From; Subject:
Please remove my name from your mailing list".

Whoops - more places to remove it from - heh.  Also, it's the place some
people have requested p/w resets, etc etc.  So it's open to asf folks and
even mirror folks to raise/answer questions, but it's not published.

If you open up experimental, not yet fully secured resources, you really
want to broadcast that to a published list?  Nay - this is precisely the
reason to discuss the testing on a closed list, until it's ready for
showtime.  Sooner or later, it can percolate out.

I'll give you one thing; can site-dev be opened?  I suspect so, we are
talking about building tools and infrastructure and the public facing web;
is there a reason for that dialog to initially be embargoed?  I'm not sure
there really is.  Opinions?

But the other infra issues lists should be internal to the ASF, just as that
infra is for the internal use by the ASF.

>> I completely agree with Roy that distributed SCM isn't for us and I
>> agree with Paul that labs isn't the place. On a personal note as part of
>> the infrastructure team, I'm also rather disappointed at the actions of
>> some of the people who are trying to force their world view in through
>> the backdoor and yet there's been not one single mail on the topic going
>> to any of the infrastructure lists.
> You can have the opinion that suits you more. At least Roy has treated
> to convince other people, you are just trying to scare us.

I did not read that in Joe's comments, your statement is disingenuous.

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