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From Roland Weber <>
Subject Re: Lab for distributed SCM?
Date Sat, 23 Feb 2008 10:29:49 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> Although I'm pained by the difficulty mirroring/forking ASF code into some
> private repository, that would be my issue, not the ASF's - isn't it?

As long as you're the only one, yes. But it seems that several
people involved at Apache have the same issues. So they are looking
for a place to discuss and consolidate their thoughts and ideas.
Labs might not be it, and the infra lists are perceived as being too
closed for lack of public archives. Still, I don't see why this
should not be discussed on an Apache mailing list. There doesn't seem
to be a suitable one yet, so maybe it is time to create a new one?
scm@incubator.a.o? infra-public@a.o?

> the very nature of allowing a large number of
> remote checkins, queued up and dumped on a project all at once, almost
> certainly ensures that the flood will enjoy less oversite and scrutiny
> than individual patches would enjoy.  Personally I'm able to overwhelm
> most conscientious httpd or apr code reviewers with just a few days of
> effort, and shudder to think what would happen if I queued up all of that
> for just a week or two, inflicting it all upon them at once.

And if they are queued up just for 8 hours so people can work on
the codebase during a long flight? Besides, I don't see what would
stop anyone from queueing up two weeks worth of individual patches
with SVN.
Tools are one thing, processes another. When somebody dumps too
many patches at a time, they can be veto'd just because of that
and queued up as individual patches in JIRA until they receive
proper review.


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