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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Lab for distributed SCM?
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2008 22:17:39 GMT
Paul Querna wrote:
> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>> Paul Querna wrote:
>>> Jukka Zitting wrote:
>>>> I think Apache Labs would be a perfect place for such work. Are there
>>>> people who'd be interested in collaborating on such a lab? The lab
>>>> wouldn't really be producing much software, just documentation, helper
>>>> scripts, and other such stuff. Most importantly it would provide a
>>>> neutral ground for discussing the merits of different systems and
>>>> practices.
>>> -1, this isn't the purpose of Labs.
>>> Labs are a playground for SOURCE CODE, not a "neutral ground for 
>>> discussing" anything.  If you want to discuss stuff, take it to 
>>> community@ (or other lists meant for it).
>> So why didn't you vote -1 to Roy's lab about the future of the HTTP 
>> protocol? no code came out of that effort either.
> For the record, I didn't vote +1 for Roy's lab either :-)


While your -1 is not a veto (nor it could be), my personal governance 
style is to resolve negative votes and turn them at least into 0 before 
continuing, especially when such negative votes come from respected and 
knowledged individuals: for sure I wouldn't want my own personal opinion 
to prevent valid points from surfacing.

> Quoting from Roy's proposal:
> <>

> ====
> This is, essentially, a documentation project consisting of a group
> of editors' sandboxes under version control.  There are no releases
> and most discussion, if any, will be on other organizations' lists
> (aside from the chatter among the committers working on the lab itself).
> A public version history is extremely important for this kind of work
> in order to combat attempts to monopolize certain standards after the
> ideas have been published.
> =====
> It's very clear, he is doing a documentation project related to existing 
> Apache projects, which there are several examples of working well inside 
> Apache.

I fail to see how documenting ideas about possible improvements to HTTP 
is pertinent to Labs while documenting ideas about improvements to 
version control is not. Subversion might not be an apache project, but 
it's clearly a central piece of our infrastructure and its features 
drive (and were driven from) a lot of our own social dynamics.

Just so that I understand better where your negative vote comes from: 
are you afraid that lack of code is going to generate ungrounded and 
hard to resolve discussions (while in Roy's case, it was really his own 
lab with his own ideas and hardly people would challenge him at this 
draft stage) or is it something else I'm missing?


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