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From Mike Heath <>
Subject Re: Lab for distributed SCM?
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2008 06:53:39 GMT
I have to respectfully disagree with Roy.  I understand a lot of his
points but I don't see how today's dSCM tools and the Apache Way are
mutually exclusive.  Yes, dSCM facilitates the "Linux Way" but dSCM does
not mandate a decentralized process.  There are a lot of features
available in today's dSCM tools that are completely orthogonal to any
particular open source philosophy.

I use Git today.  I don't use Git because it implements "a fashionable
concept" and I certainly don't use it because of Linus.  I use Git
because it's an extremely powerful tool that does things that Subversion
can't do.  Git gives me flexibility as a developer and helps me be more

I use Git because with gitsvn it's a better Subversion client than svn.
 With Git I can browse a file history offline and do diffs between
revisions almost instantaneously.  I can create local branches that
don't affect the central repository.  This makes it trivial to go back
and forth between experimentation and real work.  I can commit changes
to my local repository and revert a file back to a previous version if I
need to.  These local commits do not affect the central repository but I
still get the value of revision history.  Once my local changes are
ready, I commit them to the central Subversion repository.

At work I sometimes use Git to collaborate on difficult and/or
experimental changes with coworkers.  We can play with ideas without
breaking the build and without creating a mess of branches in
Subversion.  In this case, Git is used to facilitate collaboration.  Yes
Git can be used to give each developer his own island but it can also be
used to bring developers together and allow them to share ideas and
innovate in different ways.

Is there room for abuse with dSCM?  Absolutely.  That's what makes this
lab proposal such a good idea.  It provides a forum to discover how dSCM
tools can best be used to complement the Apache Way and what aspects of
dSCM should be avoided.

We should keep a centralized repository.  In fact, I don't see any
reason to move away from the Subversion repository we have today.
Subversion and dSCM can work together in a very complementary fashion.
We should explore that.

IMO, this lab is an excellent idea and has the potential to foster a lot
of innovation.  Thanks Jukka for propsing it.  I'm giving this lab a big
(non-binding) +1.

I respect Roy a great deal and I'm sure his opinion will be weighed
heavier than mine (this is a meritocracy) but I wanted to get my opinion
out there.



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