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From Bernd Fondermann <>
Subject [vysper] adding features as 'modules'
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2008 20:24:36 GMT
Fellow researchers,

The essential parts of XMPP core (RFC3920) are now implemented (with 
many details missing). At least two XMPP clients are now able to connect 
(Smack and Coccinella) to the server.

The canonical features to be added next are presence and messaging from 
RFC3921[1] and also the four 'final' extensions from the 'standards 
track'[2] like data forms, service discovery, rpc and in-band registration.

For this, I'd like to add a plug-in architecture for 'modules' as a 
standard way to add extensions. A module interface will provide all 
neccessary methods to let the server determinate the particular features 
a module add to it.

For example, RFC3921 describes two sets of features, 'messaging' and 
'presence' (the M and P from XMPP). In a conforming XMPP server, only 
one of them must be active. As modules, they can be en-/disabled 
independently of each other. This of course also applies to every 
extension, which all are optional.

Module information required for the server to properly load a module 
+ Dictionaries and Handlers
+ server-wide backend business objects including persistence
+ adding 'stream features', for use at the different stages during 
session handshake
+ publishing items to the Service Discovery [3]

The module architecture is covered by JIRA LABS-115. [4]

Any comments? :-)


[3] (Service Discovery)

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