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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject Re: Lab for distributed SCM?
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2008 20:58:50 GMT

El vie, 22-02-2008 a las 16:50 +0100, Leo Simons escribiรณ:
> On Feb 20, 2008, at 1:13 PM, Jukka Zitting wrote:
> > With all the heated discussion in various places about distributed
> > versus centralized SCM, I was thinking that we should perhaps start
> > collecting some experience on what SCM patterns work and what don't
> > for Apache-style collaborative development. Also, people seem to be
> > using git-svn, svk, and other similar tools with our Subversion
> > repository, and it would be good to gather and share such experience.
> >
> > I think Apache Labs would be a perfect place for such work. Are there
> > people who'd be interested in collaborating on such a lab? The lab
> > wouldn't really be producing much software, just documentation, helper
> > scripts, and other such stuff.
> +1

docs, helper scripts and bug reports "upstream" (say to git, hg, bazaar
or darcs) seem a good enough result for me. 

> > Most importantly it would provide a
> > neutral ground for discussing the merits of different systems and
> > practices.
> Less sure about this bit. You might want to rephrase that as  
> something to produce, i.e. a comparison table, or whatever :-)

I think the lab can be useful for discussion, but I don't think it is
any sort of political body. So I think "neutral ground" is not the right
word. In this sense I agree with Leo.

OTOH, feature comparison tables are very dangerous, they lead to
"feature-itis" and "design by committee". Controlled real world
experiments (convert a subtree, measure, do something, measure, ...)
give usually better practical results, or at least better feelings.

I see it more as a learning experience than as a discussion. After some
time working all of we might change quite a bit our positions. I used to
like more bazaar or mercurial than git, until I really tried to import
subversion repositories. I used to like bazaar neat numeric release
numbers, until I started merging venus patches
( ) and I noticed that trying to
keep the illusion of a linear sequence of changes is confusing and
mostly useless. Then git's SHA1 names for commits really started to make
sense. etc.


> - Leo
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Santiago Gala

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