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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject Re: Lab for distributed SCM?
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2008 15:41:45 GMT

El mié, 20-02-2008 a las 14:13 +0200, Jukka Zitting escribió:
> Hi,
> With all the heated discussion in various places about distributed
> versus centralized SCM, I was thinking that we should perhaps start
> collecting some experience on what SCM patterns work and what don't
> for Apache-style collaborative development. Also, people seem to be
> using git-svn, svk, and other similar tools with our Subversion
> repository, and it would be good to gather and share such experience.
> I think Apache Labs would be a perfect place for such work. Are there
> people who'd be interested in collaborating on such a lab? The lab
> wouldn't really be producing much software, just documentation, helper
> scripts, and other such stuff. Most importantly it would provide a
> neutral ground for discussing the merits of different systems and
> practices.

+1, though it might be stretching a bit the function of "labs", I think
it is good to share, and create, know-how. A lot of times new tools
imply new and/or modified procedures. As an old manual used to say, when
you give your customers screwdriver and screws instead of hammer and
nail, you need to teach them to screw instead of nailing. :)

But, even if we agree, I'm not really sure how to move it. I guess a
"state of the art" where different people would study different tools
and then put the results together would be already a lot.


> BR,
> Jukka Zitting
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Santiago Gala

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