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From Guosheng Lu <>
Subject Re: Function in SQL did not trigger predicate pushdown
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2019 06:46:04 GMT
Hi yout na:
Just change the value of query where condition can not cause the query convert to push down
because the mode of query still according with an existing cuboid.

陆国圣 /  Guosheng Lu
软件工程师 / Software Engineer

电话 / Mobile: 13914708027<>

发件人: yout na <>
答复: "" <>
日期: 2019年9月10日 星期二 上午12:28
收件人: "" <>
主题: Function in SQL did not trigger predicate pushdown

    I write a SQL like :
        select column_1, column_2, count(*) from table where column_date = CURRENT_DATE()
group by column_1, column_2;
    I think this SQL will trigger predicate pushdown at CURRENT_DATE(),  but when I see then
log, I think it did not.
   The following is the picture of log:
  when set a clearly date in sql the log is :
 date 2019-09-08 is current_date() -1 and the current_date log is :
 Because the current_date() cube is not build so total scan is 0.

The kylin Version is : 3.0.0-alpha2
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