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From Wang rupeng <>
Subject Re: Failed to read big resource /dict/xxxx
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2019 11:38:28 GMT
    When this error occurs, you can using “$KYLIN_HOME/bin/ fetch /dict“ to
download the dictionaries to local and check if the dictionary file exist, besides. You can
check your hdfs permission. Otherwise, you may show us more information about your situation
like your working scene.

Best wishes,
Rupeng Wang

发件人: Johnson <>
答复: "" <>
日期: 2019年8月29日 星期四 10:49
收件人: "" <>
主题: Failed to read big resource /dict/xxxx

今天发现一个失败的任务,失败在#4 Step Name: Build Dimension Dictionary
报错信息如下:之后我把这个任务drop掉,重新构建还是一直报这个错,大家知道怎么解决吗 java.lang.RuntimeException:
Failed to read big resource /dict/KYLIN_VIEW.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/COUNTRY/66292068-e8eb-975a-3e44-b56c933c14cc.dict

      at org.apache.kylin.dict.DictionaryManager.getDictionaryInfo(

      at org.apache.kylin.dict.DictionaryManager.checkDupByContent(

      at org.apache.kylin.dict.DictionaryManager.trySaveNewDict(

      at org.apache.kylin.dict.DictionaryManager.saveDictionary(

      at org.apache.kylin.cube.CubeManager$DictionaryAssist.saveDictionary(

      at org.apache.kylin.cube.CubeManager.saveDictionary(

      at org.apache.kylin.cube.cli.DictionaryGeneratorCLI.processSegment(

      at org.apache.kylin.cube.cli.DictionaryGeneratorCLI.processSegment(



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