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From "" <>
Subject Re: wonder how to config a blacklist of cuboids
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2019 11:11:54 GMT
Thank you for your reply! 

I think it is a math game. It already meets the need via the existing rules.

Sorry to bother you without some deep research.

Thank you so much!

On 07/23/2019 22:42,ShaoFeng Shi<> wrote: 
Hi, so far Kylin allows user to enter a whitelist, no blacklist. 

If you can list all the cuboids you want, you can do that with the whitelist + a minimal aggregation
group (say only 1 dim in that group). Because at least you should have one agg. group.

In the picture, I see you want to avoid that cuboid that C+D appeared at the same time (mutually
exclusive). You can do that by separating them into two agg groups: 1) ABC, 2) ABD .Then you
will have
the following cuboids: ABCD, ABC, AB, BC, AC, ABD, AD, BD, A, B, C, D  

Best regards,

Shaofeng Shi 史少锋
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AS <> 于2019年7月17日周三 上午10:45写道:
When I config a cube ,  I fund Mandatory Cuboids in Advanced Setting. As the explain in official
website , it means Whitelist of the cuboids that you want to build.
I wonder how to config a blacklist of the cuboids that I do not want to build.

In my case, I just want to remove the cubid who contains the Dimension of C and D. And I have
no idea how to config it.
Or should I filled the Mandatory Cuboids with all cuboids that I need ??
Wating for your reply!

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