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From "Lu, Kang-Sen" <>
Subject question about query/src/main/java/org/apache/kylin/query/enumerator/
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2019 12:16:05 GMT
I am running kylin 2.6.2. Iissued "git diff e3896af234^ e3896af234" cpmmand to study a code
change in

The code piece that puzzled me is the following:

public class LookupTableEnumerator implements Enumerator<Object[]> {
    private final static Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(LookupTableEnumerator.class);

    private final ILookupTable lookupTable;
    private final List<ColumnDesc> colDescs;
    private final Object[] current;
    private Iterator<String[]> iterator;

    public LookupTableEnumerator(OLAPContext olapContext) {

        //TODO: assuming LookupTableEnumerator is handled by a cube
        CubeInstance cube = null;

        if (olapContext.realization instanceof CubeInstance) {
            cube = (CubeInstance) olapContext.realization;                               
                            <== here we got cube value
            ProjectInstance project = cube.getProjectInstance();
            List<RealizationEntry> realizationEntries = project.getRealizationEntries();
            String lookupTableName = olapContext.firstTableScan.getTableName();
            CubeManager cubeMgr = CubeManager.getInstance(cube.getConfig());
            cube = cubeMgr.findLatestSnapshot(realizationEntries, lookupTableName);      
  <== why do we reset cube to other value??????
            olapContext.realization = cube;
        } else if (olapContext.realization instanceof HybridInstance) {
            final HybridInstance hybridInstance = (HybridInstance) olapContext.realization;
            final IRealization latestRealization = hybridInstance.getLatestRealization();
            if (latestRealization instanceof CubeInstance) {
                cube = (CubeInstance) latestRealization;
            } else {
                throw new IllegalStateException();

Is a bug introduced by that bug fix?



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