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From "Chao Long" <>
Subject Re: Please help me ! About kylin2.5 version dashboard and account management.
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2019 10:57:19 GMT
Hi yangxc,
  1, kylin.web.dashboard-enabled has no default value, you just need to add "kylin.web.dashboard-enabled=true"
in Btw, before enabling dashboard, please make sure you have setup system

 2, MODELER,ANALYST,ADMIN is the default user of role type, and the password of user MODELER,ANALYST
is itself.
   role MODELER means a user can design/build cube, role ANALYST means a user can query the
cube and do analysis, and role ADMIN means the system administrator

3, For user management, you can enable LDAP and SSO[].
    For data access management, you can enable Project Level ACL[]
Best Regards,
Chao Long

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From:  ""<>;
Date:  Wed, Mar 13, 2019 02:52 PM
To:  "user"<>;

Subject:  Please help me ! About kylin2.5 version dashboard and account management.

         The company recently researched the Kylin project, and I have several questions after
deploying kylin:
         1. Version 2.5 of the dashboard I refer to the official documentation, did not find
the kylin.web.dashboard-enabled configuration in the configuration file?
         2. Regarding kylin's account management, I checked the information. The default login
and account is ADMIN/KYLIN. There are also two accounts (MODELER, ANALYST). The purpose is
not very clear. How to get the passwords of these two accounts? The passwords in the files
are over-encrypted. How to decrypt them?
         3. Regarding the addition and authorization management of new users, I want to create
a new user to view the report data. Can I add different users for this piece, the authorization
is different, and the data I see is different? How to configure?
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