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From yuzhang <>
Subject Re: question related to the aggregation groups configuration
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2019 11:45:44 GMT
Hi kang-sen:
  Here is a blog about the mind of aggregation group. I hope it will help you.

Best regards

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On 3/14/2019 21:21,Lu, Kang-Sen<> wrote:

I am running kylin 2.5.1


I have two questions related to the aggregation group configuration. In the kylin GUI, select
“Model”, then try to edit a cube design, under “Grid”, select “Advanced Setting”,
we can enter multiple “Aggregation Groups”. Each “Aggregation Group” can specify zero,
one, or many cuboids, with the combination of dimensions.


Q1: If I want one and only one cuboid to be created with dimensions set = {D1, D2, … , D10},
then is it correct to enter D1-to-D10 in the “includes” list, and “D1-to-D9 in the “Mandatory
Dimensions” list? The key question is “will kylin generate two cuboids, i.e. {D1, …,
D9} and {D1, … , D10} or just one cuboid”?


Q2: If I entered D1-to-D10 into the “includes” list, and entered {D1, D2} in the “Joint
Dimensions” list, then I can’t enter either D1 or D2 into the “Mandatory Dimensions”
list? I was thinking if I entered {D1, D3, … , D9} in the “Mandatory Dimensions”, and
with {D1, D2} in the “Joint Dimensions”, then there should only one cuboid generated for
{D1, D2, …, D10}. Why is it not allowed?


Maybe the doc have this information described. But it is not clear to me exactly how does
kylin process the info entered in the “includes”, “Mandatory Dimensions”, and “Joint
Dimensions”. Can someone either point me to some document or answer the questions I mentioned






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