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From "cheney" <>
Subject 回复: Error size statis of segment
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2018 09:03:12 GMT
I haved created issue KYLIN-3713 in jira. 

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主题: Re: Error size statis of segment

Hi Cheney,

I also observed this issue. 
I think it is a bug in Kylin. Could you please create a ticket on JIRA?

Thanks & Regards,

On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 8:52 PM cheney <> wrote:

kylin version is 2.4.1 and kylin metadata is stored in hbase. hbase version is hbase-1.2.0-cdh5.10.1

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主题: Re: Error size statis of segment

Hi,cheney,      What`s your kylin version and kylin metadata type?

cheney <> 于2018年12月6日周四 下午5:49写道:

Hi, guys

      Sometimes, the size of new segment is always less than 1MB after building job.  In fact,
 size of new htable  in hdfs is larger than 1MB. I find the result of  "regionLoad.getStorefileSizeMB()"
always is 0. I think it is unreasonable calculating segment size by "regionLoad.getStorefileSizeMB()"
method.   Is it a bug?

    1. kylin monitor show size of segment is as followings:
      2. hdfs show size of HBase Table: KYLIN_RF4S1QAHE4
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