Thank you ShaoFeng and Na Zhai for response.

Shrikant Bang

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Kylin's query cache is simple, just checking the SQL's signature; so, in your case, the query of (D1, D2) won't use the cache of (D1, D2, D3).

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Hi, Shrikant Bang

I think it will not go through query cached result(of D1,D2,D3) .


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Hi Team,


Let say I have a cube on dimensions D1, D2, D3 and Metrics M1, M2, M3.


When I  hit a multiple queries on grouping dimension D1, D2, D3, it will get cached and cuboid will be hot. 


Once cuboid (D1,D2,D3) gets cached and I will hit a query on grouping dimension D1, D2 (with similar metrics).

Will query go through query cached result (of D1,D2,D3) or runs a query on HBase Table?


P.S. I am using Apache Kylin v2.5.1-hbase1.x 


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Shrikant Bang