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From "May Zhou" <>
Subject 回复:大神,求助kylin的使用问题 !! ( Help !!! )
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2018 08:52:59 GMT
I have replied to your question yesterday, but i am wondering whether you have received it.

Have you try the parameter `kylin.query.enable-dynamic-column=true` which can count the column
without  NULL values.

Besides, I think this parameter should set to true by default as so many users are confusing
about it.

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主题: 大神,求助kylin的使用问题 !!  ( Help !!! )

在kylin使用中,我建立了一个model, big_int_sum_model,Dimensions有11个,Measures
有三个 分别是 求count, SUM, SUM,  
sum 是对两个bigint字段求和,分别为 sum_4g 和sum_wifi ,用以统计4g总流量和wifi总流量

    从 hive表和kylin中统计的count结果都一样,都是430万
    从 hive表中统计的4g流量总数为 295763957458,WIFI流量总数为 456897813426,
    但是kylin中统计的4g流量总数为 89605527250,  WIFI流量总数为 164840037298。


Hello everyone!

In the use of kylin, I set up a model called big_int_sum_model, 11 Dimensions, and 3 Measures
are count, SUM and SUM respectively.

Sum is the sum of two bigint fields, sum_4g and sum_wifi, to count the total traffic of 4G
and wifi.

The data in the hive table has 4 million 300 thousand. After cube, data can be found from

But there is a strange phenomenon:

The count results from the hive tables and kylin are the same, all 4 million 300 thousand.

The total number of 4G traffic counted from the hive table is 295763957458, and the total
number of WIFI traffic is 456897813426.

However, the total number of 4G traffic statistics in kylin is 89605527250, and the total
number of WIFI traffic is 164840037298.

Can you enlighten me? In which direction should I think?

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