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From "潘博存" <>
Subject 回复:kylin 作为Grafana 支持的一个数据源
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2018 11:20:40 GMT

1.Grafana is time-based and needs to wrap the time columns, but that doesn't mean that grafana's
data sources are all sequential databases, just as grafana supports MySQL and SQL Server。
2.In our business scenario, we put more emphasis on Grafan's external presentation capabilities,
and in terms of timelines we use our business dates by day, hour, etc.

So I think grafana + kylin is another form of presentation besides saiku, tableup, and so
on. In fact, we're trying to put saiku as a grafan's layout plug-in into grafan for data presentation

发件人:Alberto Ramón <>
发送时间:2018年10月16日(星期二) 17:31
收件人:user <>
抄 送:潘博存 <>; dev <>
主 题:Re: kylin 作为Grafana 支持的一个数据源

I checked this possibility time ago (2-3years)
Grafana is focus in time-line series (one column must be TimeStamp)
Work with TS doesn't sense in A Kylin, because you are not aggregating

On Tue, 16 Oct 2018 at 06:04, ShaoFeng Shi <> wrote:
Good question, let me translate it to English:

Grafana is one of our important data visualization tools; Kylin is a powerful tool for big
data query, we want to display Kylin data on Grafana, is there anyone already running this
solution? Is there a grafana-kylin plugin that can be used directly? Currently, Grafana doesn't
provide a plugin for Kylin.

潘博存 <> 于2018年10月16日周二 上午11:27写道:

   大数据可视化这一块,Grafana 是我们的一个重要展现工具,kylin 的快速查询
是大数据查询的利器,我们想在grafana 上展示kylin的数据,不知道大家有没有这样使用的?是否有可以直接使用的grafana
-kylin 插件.目前grafana 是没有kylin的插件的,

Best regards,

Shaofeng Shi 史少锋

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