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From "彭哲夫" <>
Subject 回复: How could we monitor the kylin process?
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2018 03:15:52 GMT
Hi Shaofeng,

Thanks for your reply. Please let me explain more about my question. 

In the system I use now, I use supervisor to monitor the process I run. And, I also add the
kylin process into the supervisor mode. After I installing and deploying Kylin successfully,
the supervisor could monitor the kylin process, just as the screenshot shows.

However, after about 90 seconds, the supervisor told me that kylin is restarting.

Finally, the supervisor couldn't monitor the kylin process.

Then, I checked the kylin log, I found that it auto restart many times. 

I think maybe the reason is kylin would start and run as the background process, however,
the supervisor seems only monitor the resident process, and as a result, he cannot monitor
the status of kylin process correctly. 

I wonder, how could we use the supervisor to monitor the status of kylin process correctly?
In other words,  could we start the kylin and run it as resident process, instead of background
process? If we could do this, we could manage the kylin process under supervisor easily and

Looking forward to your reply and help. As a rookie to use the kylin, I really appreciate
for your patience and help.

Zhefu Peng 
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主题: Re: How could we monitor the kylin process?

Hi Zhefu,

Kylin will output the PID in $KYLIN_HOME/pid; you can use tool or script to monitor the process.

Or you can register Kylin as a system service; You can take a reference with this article:

2018-07-03 0:20 GMT+08:00 彭鱼宴 <>:

As I mentioned in the subject, I wonder how could we monitor the kylin process by certain
client tool, such as, supervisor tool. Earlier in last week I tried to do it, but I found
that the kylin process ran as background process, instead of running as resident process.
As a result, supervisor tool couldn't monitor the kylin process. 

Is there any advice that could help me solve this problem? I will really appreciate for any
help and advice.

Zhefu Peng

Best regards,

Shaofeng Shi 史少锋
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