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From jxs <>
Subject Re:Re: Question about using dedicated EC2 server with EMR cluster
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2017 02:29:02 GMT
Hi, ShaoFeng, what the configuration "kylin.server.mode=query" means?
I saw the behaviour too yesterday that the "query" node submitted cube and job operations.

在2017年11月16 09时13分, "ShaoFeng Shi"<>写道:

Even in a Hadoop client node (or "edge node"), Kylin can run the job engine; The behavior
of submitting a job to Hadoop can happen on any node; you only need properly install/configure
the Hadoop client and configurations on it.

2017-11-15 17:27 GMT+08:00 Roberto Tardío <>:

Hi Jxs,

In our case we have not not detectted that kylin.server.mode      affects correct operating
of Kylin in dedicated EC2 using an EMR      cluster.

Kind regards,

El 15/11/2017 a las 3:21, jxs escribió:
When using dedicated client node on EC2, should I configure          kylin with the same:
kylin.env.hdfs-working-dir = s3://our-emr/kylin/ = s3://our-emr

Should the kylin.server.mode be "query" ?






Roberto Tardío Olmos

Senior Big Data & Business          Intelligence Consultant
Avenida de Brasil, 17, Planta 16.28020        Madrid
Fijo: 91.788.34.10


Best regards,

Shaofeng Shi 史少锋

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