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From 市场中心-ZHANGDA32698 <>
Subject kylin 2.0 with spark engine
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2017 06:40:31 GMT
When I try building a new cube segment with spark(on yarn cluster) engine, I always get ‘fail
to locate’ error ( line260) in step “Build Cube with Spark”.
After some debugging, it turns out that the spark executor tries to load kylin property file
from its local $kylin_home directory which actually does not exist in any of our yarn cluster
node. So I assume that it is required to have kylin environment, e.g. kylin_home, all property
files etc. to be set up on every node in the yarn cluster beforehand. Is that true?
What I did to solve this problem is as follows. I put kylin.propertes file in the spark client’s
config directory so that will be uploaded to all the executors’ working
directory as soon as the spark task starts. Then I change the kylin source code a bit: if
the executor can’t find file in the local $kylin_home, it will try to load
the file from executor’s working directory. After these changes, the job can run without
errors now.
So my point is, is it designed to have all kylin environment set up on the yarn cluster? Did
I miss anything? Is it better just to upload those kylin prepoerties file to yarn cluster
only during run time? What do you guys think? Thanks!


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