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From Patricio Eduardo Huichulef Carvajal <>
Subject Kylin Evaluation
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2017 17:18:25 GMT
     This is the complete technical criteria evaluation. This 
information could be useful for all community. Can you help me to fill 
out these information?, I appreciate your feedback:

* 	*5* 	Greatly exceeds all minimum requirements of the criteria; has a 
high probability of success; contains no weaknesses or deficiencies. 
*Tech* 	*Admin* 	*Power
User* 	*Power
Analyst* 	*Business
* 	*4* 	Exceeds all the minimum requirements of the criteria; has an 
above average probability of success; contains no significant weaknesses 
and only minor, correctable weaknesses exist.
* 	*3* 	Meets all the minimum requirements of the criteria; has an 
average probability of success; no significant weaknesses and any 
deficiencies can be readily corrected.
* 	*2* 	Fails to meet one or more of the minimum requirements of the 
criteria; low probability of success; major weaknesses and/or 
significant number of deficiencies exist.
* 	*1* 	Fails to meet any of the minimum requirements of the criteria; 
proposal needs major revisions; very low probability of success.
*DATA DISCOVERY* 	*15 %* 	Friendly browse Data (Easy to use) 	
Web Interface to query cubes 	
Filter, cross, sort data free style 	
Search with sorted and estructured result (Dimension, Metrics) 	
Semantic Layer (Modeling, dimensions, metrics, relations, hierarchies) 	
Build and formar Report with no develop 	

* 	*15 %* 	Statistical Analysis (R type) 	
Predictive Analysis (create scenarios, what if!) 	
Performance with High volume of Data 	
Manage Parameters and posibility to save data in repository 	
Posibilidad de introducir fuentes externas de informaciĆ³n ( Excel) 	

*DEVELOPMENT* 	10 % 	Simplicity for developers (Language, Debugging, 
MDX (Multidimensional Expressions) 	
Cube with Incremental Refresh 	
Web Interface for Admin, Build, and monitor Query Cubes 	
Integration with Version Control system (GIT / GitHub) 	
Integration with BI Tools (Tableau, PowerBI, Excel) 	
Support for High Cardinality and Dimensionality 	
Time to Market 	
Star Schemas 	
Snowflake Schemas 	
Block the Data Export Option 	
Re-use Components 	

*PLATAFORM* 	15 % 	Global Architecture for High Volume of Data 	
Distribuited and Scalable Architecture 	
Cluster Architecture 	
High Availability Architecture 	
Analysis in Mem 	
Conecrion to Data Lake, access & security 	
Compatibility with Browsers (Windows / OSX : Google Chrome, Mozilla 
Firefox, Safari) 	
Compatibility with Operating Systems 	
Compatibility with App. Servers 	
Reliability and Stability 	
Manage overload, CPU, RAM, Disk 	
Horizontal Scalability 	
Vertical Scalability 	
Distributed Processing (Data Lake) 	
PlugIn Architecture 	
Parallel Scan Query (Cuboids Partitioning) 	
JDBC / ODBC Conection to standard BI (Tableau, MS Excel, MS PowerBI) 	
RESTServer Conection to Web aplications 	
JOBS Admin and Monitoring 	
High Users Concurrency 	
LDAP or SSO Integration 	
Sentry Integration (Real Time Tracking error) 	
Manage Users Profiles (Query Users vs Modeler Users) 	
Consume Cubes from Frontier Nodes (Isban's Requirements) 	
Metadata Manage 	
Apache Zeppelin Integration (Web Notebook) 	
Platform Independence 	
ACL Security (Access Control List) 	
Infrastructure Cost 	

*SUPPORT & LICENCES* 	15 % 	Open Source Licence 	
Proprietary Licence 	
Support Level 	
Hotline in spanish 	
Presencial Support 	
Installed Base in Chile (Customers in Chile) 	
List Prices 	

*DASHBOARD AND REPORTS* 	30 % 	Intuitive Interface 	
Navigability of Interface (Reactive / Adaptative) 	
Interface Customization 	
Pixel Perfect 	
Advance Table Creation 	
Basic Graph 	
Advance Graph 	
Report Distribution 	
External Web Integration 	
MS Office Integration 	
Tablets / Mobiles Visualization 	
Mobil App 	
Multi Languagues 	

Thanks in advance,

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