For workarounds, suggest to try to search “tomcat 8 redis session manager” on google, there’re lots of projects about this.

Besides, in latest Kylin master branch, tomcat was reverted to 7.0.69:

You can also cherry-pick it and build a binary package by yourself for test:

Dong Li

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Date: Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017 12:12
Subject: Re: kylin fail to start with error related to redis session manager

Hello Tianshuo,

That article talks about deploying session manager on Kylin 1.6, which is using tomcat 7.

But kylin 2.0 beta is using tomcat 8, where there might be compatible issues on those libraries.

Dong Li

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Date: Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017 10:40
Subject: kylin fail to start with error related to redis session manager

after I update to 2.0 kylin can't start with redis session manager, the redis session manager I use is the same as this article describe,but it doesn't support tomcat 8.0,so is there any way to walk around that issue?


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