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From ShaoFeng Shi <>
Subject Re: Kylin in a multitenant environment
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2016 07:16:24 GMT
Hi Victor,

Are these 40.000 customers sharing the same data/cube model? If the model
is the same, creating 1 cube will be good for maintenance; creating
thousands of cube will be horrible.

The open source Kylin's security control is only at Cube level; To get
finer control, you need customize or try its enterprise version called KAP.

2016-12-16 14:12 GMT+08:00 Victor Sauermann <>:

> Hi there!
> I'm working as an architect for a german company and we are evaluating the
> kylin system for extreme scale OLAP scenarios.
> Currently we got our hands around the system that we basically understand
> the usage of it. But now it is going further into a multitenant use.
> Let me describe the core issue first:
> We are an individual software vendor and our software currently resides on
> the PCs of our customers. We are planning to migrate these software
> products into our own already existing data center. Our portfolio with
> nearly 300 applications address various business domains. One main asset is
> the ability to drive analytical processes over the data from all of these
> applications - and this for example based on OLAP Analytics.
> Right now we have more than 40.000 installation sites with a relational
> database store. If we migrate this data to our data center we are
> definitely facing Big Data solutions. Kylin apparently fits our need. But -
> and this is mission critical - each customer needs a dedicated access to
> these analytical systems and may use BI Tools like Tableau and such. We
> will provide the access to the Kylin system and cope with the needed
> authentication. If now the complete data relevant for BI analyitcs reside
> in the data cluster for kylin the data shall only be used by its dedicated
> responsible customer - each customer must not see in that way data from
> other customers.
> In facts: Minmal 40.000 customers with in future 4000 parallel accesses.
> Our first investigation provides the information, that we have to provide
> a dedicated cube for each tenant. Is that correct? This means we need to
> define for each interested customer a cube based on the residing data. Will
> this cube definition be enough to seperate each tenant from other's data?
> Will the system provide enough power to yield that many cube definitions?
> Thanks upfront
> Victor Sauermann

Best regards,

Shaofeng Shi 史少锋

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