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From 赵天烁 <>
Subject why distribute by partition column while creating flat hive table?
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2016 10:34:39 GMT
I have a table with huge data increasment every day,bilion level.when I build a cube relate
to that table,it stuck in creating flat hive table....for ever.
I check the mr process and found that the task sql in this step is ended with "DISTRIBUTE
BY  ${partition date column}"
I try to manually execute the same sql,but remove the " distribute by ", then everything goes
fine with in 10 min.
as far as I know this step of create a flat table is helpful when I have a star schema,but
what I only have is that fact table. so why bother to create a table with the same structure
even the data are the same?the only different is the table name....
so I think is it possible to just create a view with intermediate table name that kylin need
when I havn't define any lookup table?this way will eliminate that long term task which seems
like achieved nothing.

Kevin Zhao<>

MEIZU Technology Co., Ltd.
MEIZU Tech Bldg., Technology & Innovation Coast
Zhuhai, 519085, Guangdong, China
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