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From 仇同心 <>
Subject Cube Designer Consultation
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2016 09:18:43 GMT
Kylin crew:
       I 'm in the Cube Designer has the following questions need to consult:
       The first question :Dimensions step:
 Click Add Dimension, it popups two option: “Normal” and “Derived”, Can explain the
effect of Normal and Derived, and in what circumstance,            finally have a demo sample.
 The second question: Advanced Setting
 Aggregation Groups: I see this article at,
But still didn't understand Aggregation Groups
 Including: Includes, Mandatory Dimensions, Hierarchy, Dimensions, to be the use of Dimensions.
 Rowkeys:Don't understand Rowkeys use,Don't understand Rowkeys used and on the cube to
build what effect.
 The third question: Model Designer problem
Cube Size :SMALL、MEDIUM、LARGE ,What is the effect of different options。


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