This is a good question. We had reorg the branches and versions recently. There was a discussion in the dev list but I forget to announce in the user list.

In short, there will be only one main dev branch going forward, which is the master. 2.x-staging has been merged into master. New releases will fork off the master and take simple incremental version numbers (v1.4, v1.5...).

For new users, we highly recommend the latest release v1.5.0. It has all the new features and bug fixes. Also the v1.5 metadata is NOT compatible with previous versions. Going for it directly will save migration effort.


On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 11:21 AM, Mars J <> wrote:
Hi , 
   I see many branches of apache kylin on github. There are something confused me. I have already downloaded a branch of 2.0 rc last week, but I can't find it just now and find a 1.4 rc and 2.x staging branch.  
   1)Is that the 2.0 rc i found last week turn to 1.4 rc and a new branch 2.x staging created ?
   I also have an idea that u can add the version related content into difference file.
   I'm a fresh on github and kylin, if my mail is meaningless and disturbing u ,just  ignore it.