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From "Ji, Hao Wei Jeffery" <>
Subject some suggestion about kylin user interface
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2015 07:34:35 GMT

After try out the kylin a bit, I've a bit suggestions of improve user interface of the tool.

1.       When building the cube, step 2 data model, as in DW star schema, it's normal we have
some role play dimensions, like org unit, date or employee, one dimension could be used several
times to join with fact table when doing the data modeling, and when it comes to step 3 Dimentions,
when adding dimensions, the dimension tables displayed multiple times. Normally it shall be
good to use some alias in this step, otherwise I don't know which dimension I'm actually using.

2.       Step 5 filtering, the table listed on the left panel, it seems I can neither double
click to add it into the WHERE text box nor highlight the table name and Ctrl C, it's not
a big deal, but it would be good to have these user friendly functions. And I can't see the
column names (can't expand the table)... And when I change to the Tables tab to check the
table definition, and change back to Cubes, everything I've created disappeared!'s extremely
annoying... hope there's a button to save the cube temporarily.

3.       In the projects, after sync some tables from hive,  it's good to also have them available
directly in the Query tab, then user can try the filter conditions in kylin, not need to go
to other tools..

4.       I installed sample cube, while the SQL from the kylin_sales_cube seems not work..
returns below error.

Encountered "DEFAULT" at line 11, column 6. Was expecting one of: <IDENTIFIER> ... <QUOTED_IDENTIFIER>
... "LATERAL" ... "(" ... "UNNEST" ... "TABLE" ...

The tool looks promising, I like the graphs and easy to use, not sure if the suggestions have
been there by other users already, just hope it would get better not only in performance but
also in user interaction.


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