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From 张 佑铖 <>
Subject Re: 回复: kylin连接sqlserver数据库: kylin生成的sql语句有反单引号 `, 查询sqlserver报错了
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2019 10:06:56 GMT

You should create a configuration file maybe name mssql.xml to define configuration to adapt
Microsoft Sqlserver.

As you mentioned I guess you define DIALECT="mysql", actually mysql use ` as quote. You should
define DIALECT="mssql" in mssql.xml.

And if you don't want to enable quote, you can set "sql.enable-quote-all-identifiers = false"
to disable quote.

Best Regards

Youcheng Zhang

在 2019/2/28 下午3:53,“奥威软件”<> 写入:




    datasource_sdk能解决kylin生成的sql查询语语句带有 ` 问题吗?



    ------------------ 原始邮件 ------------------

    发件人: "PENG Zhengshuai"<>;

    发送时间: 2019年2月28日(星期四) 下午2:13

    收件人: ""<>;


    主题: Re: kylin连接sqlserver数据库: kylin生成的sql语句有反单引号 `,






    If you want to connect to RDBMS, you need a datasource-sdk for specific RDBMS.

    Please refer to



    PENG Zhengshuai


    On Feb 28, 2019, at 1:36 PM, 奥威软件 <<>>


    kylin连接sqlserver数据库: kylin生成的sql语句有反单引号 `,  查询sqlserver报错了



    将查询语句单独拿出来,并删除反单引号 ` ,执行语句是成功的

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