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From zhan shaoxiong <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Moving toward Apache Kylin 3.0
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2019 07:27:43 GMT

在 2019/1/23 下午3:57,“ShaoFeng Shi”<> 写入:

    Hi Kylin developers,
    In last week, Kylin released v2.6.0, with the enhanced & distributed query
    cache and JDBC data source SDK. After this release, the next batch
    candidate features include real-time streaming, parquet storage, and druid
    storage. These features were developed in the past 1-2 years by different
    Kylin players and were open sourced in the past 6 months. They have already
    been staged in separate branches and are under evaluation by the community.
    We have received much feedback from the community.
    These candidate features are big supplements to as-is Kylin functions; For
    example, the real-time streaming feature will bring Kylin from batch &
    historical analytics into real-time analytics. The parquet storage will
    make the deployment more flexible and more cloud-friendly. Of course,
    stabilizing and improving these features need additional time and effort.
    So, when we merging and releasing them, we'd better give it a new version
    number so that user can clearly know the difference with current 2.x
    versions. I discussed this with several developers offline, we think it is
    time to move toward Kylin 3.0. So, if one of the above features is merged,
    the version will be 3.0. The current 2.6 will be maintained until 3.x is
    ready for production use.
    Your comments, ideas, and suggestions are welcomed!
    Best regards,
    Shaofeng Shi 史少锋
    Apache Kylin PMC
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