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From Chunen Ni <>
Subject Re: 答复: [DISCUSS] Not sending Github PR notifications to dev@kylin
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2018 00:28:42 GMT

Best regards,
Chun’en Ni(倪春恩)
Shanghai Kyligence Information Technology Co., Ltd

On [DATE], "[NAME]" <[ADDRESS]> wrote:

    发件人: ShaoFeng Shi <> 
    发送时间: 2018年10月2日 11:38
    收件人: dev <>
    主题: [DISCUSS] Not sending Github PR notifications to dev@kylin
    Hello, Kylin dev subscribers,
    Recently I received several complaints saying that there are many emails sent to the ""
from the pull request since we enabled the Gitbox service for Kylin.
    Today most patches and code reviews are performed on GitHub. Each pull request action
(even add a comment) will emit an email to dev@kylin, instead of the individual contributor
or reviewer; This generates many spams and causes the emails from people are left in the basket.
    Now I plan to change the Gitbox email notifications rule: removing dev@kylin, use author
and reviewer instead, as follows:
    *For Github issues, please notify <>
;For Github PR, please notify the author, reviewer and <>*
    The related JIRA to Apache Infra is
    Please +1 if you agree with the new rule, or -1 if you want to keep as today. If no objection,
we will move on with the new rule.
    Best regards,
    Shaofeng Shi 史少锋

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