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From Daniel Pono Takamori <>
Subject Kylin-Master-JDK-1.8 failures
Date Sun, 23 Sep 2018 22:23:04 GMT
Hey Kylin folks,
When clearing disk space on H26 I found that your job was pinned to it
(I've since moved the label for the job to the generic 'ubuntu'
label).  The job failed about 20 times today and it's because of a
corrupted .git folder which appeared to just be filling and ended up
huge: `97Gā€‚ā€‚ā€‚ā€‚ Kylin-Master-JDK-1.8/.git/objects/pack`
I've purged the repo and set your job to 'Delete workspace before
build starts' and now finished
Keep an eye on those failures, I only spotted them 'cuz of cleaning H26.


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