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From "lxw" <>
Subject Some questions about Kylin2.0
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2017 03:41:45 GMT
Hi,All :

   I have some questions about Kylin2.0, and my environment:

Q1: Kylin2.0 not support Spark2.0?
     spark_dependency=`find -L $spark_home -name 'spark-assembly-[a-z0-9A-Z\.-]*.jar' ....

Q2: I want to use Kylin2.0 without Spark Cubing, but failed.
     function retrieveDependency() {
         #retrive $hive_dependency and $hbase_dependency
         source ${dir}/
         source ${dir}/
         source ${dir}/
         source ${dir}/
         source ${dir}/

     If not found spark dependencies, Kylin can not start :
     [hadoop@hadoop10 bin]$ ./ start
     Retrieving hadoop conf dir...
     KYLIN_HOME is set to /home/hadoop/bigdata/kylin/current
     Retrieving hive dependency...
     Retrieving hbase dependency...
     Retrieving hadoop conf dir...
     Retrieving kafka dependency...
     Retrieving Spark dependency...
     spark assembly lib not found.

     after modify “####source ${dir}/”, Kylin start
success ..

Q3: Abount kylin_hadoop_conf_dir ?
     I make some soft link under $KYLIN_HOME/hadoop-conf (core-site.xml、yarn-site.xml、hbase-site.xml、hive-site.xml),

     and set "kylin.env.hadoop-conf-dir=/home/bigdata/kylin/current/hadoop-conf", when I execute

     [hadoop@hadoop10 bin]$ ./ 
     Retrieving hadoop conf dir...
    /home/bigdata/kylin/current/hadoop-conf is override as the kylin_hadoop_conf_dir
    KYLIN_HOME is set to /home/hadoop/bigdata/kylin/current
    -mkdir: cdh5
    Usage: hadoop fs [generic options] -mkdir [-p] <path> ...
    Failed to create /kylin20. Please make sure the user has right to access /kylin20

    My HDFS with HA, fs.defaultFS is "cdh5",when I don't set "kylin.env.hadoop-conf-dir",
and use HADOOP_CONF_DIR, HIVE_CONF, HBASE_CONF_DIR from envionment variables (/etc/profile),
it was correct. 
Best Regards!
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