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From "康凯森" <>
Subject 回复:[Discuss] Disable/hide "RAW" measure in Kylin web GUI
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2016 04:30:16 GMT
But the "RAW" measure is still some useful, we could improve it next year when we have time.

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主题: [Discuss] Disable/hide "RAW" measure in Kylin web GUI

Hello developers and users,

I have a proposal want to disucss here, which is about the "RAW" measure in

The RAW measure was developed to solve the requirement for getting raw data
when user drill down from high level to low levels. It's performance would
be much better than fetching from source like Hive, so some users like it.
This blog introduces it:

While it has some limitations:
1) always use dictionary encoding, which means it couldn't support UHC;
since raw columns usually be transaction IDs, numbers, etc, the building
cost is much higher than ordinary dimensions;
2) the raw messages for a dimension combination are persisted in one big
cell,; When too many rows dumped in one cell, will get BufferOverflow
error. This couldn't be predicted, so for an modeler or analyst he doesn't
know whether this feature could work when he creates the cube.
3) seems no people maintains it;

Based on above, I propose hiding this measure on Web GUI by default, so
avoiding confusing user; If someone hear and want to use this, he still can
enable it by simply set in

Any input is welcomed.

Best regards,

Shaofeng Shi 史少锋
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