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From Joel Victor <>
Subject Trie dictionary Not a valid value
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2016 16:38:44 GMT
I have come across this error where I get a exception in the cube build
step (step #17) which says that a particular key does not exist in the trie

The build dictionary step says that the value is present in the dictionary.
I have deduced this by looking at the Kylin debug logs. Following is the log
2016-10-10 05:43:06,956 DEBUG [pool-5-thread-6] dict.DictionaryGenerator:86
: Dictionary value samples: =>0, 20160628082452279-7bdd009d55a794c=>17606,
20140225082303539-a91c9daed8602d1=>1, 20140225082452582-d55ca8b438418c4=>2,

Also I went back and checked the input for the build dimension dictionary
step. In particular the -input paramter

I found that the id for which the error is surfacing has a occurs
twice in the -input file.

I wanted to ask that whether there Is a chance that duplicate values
in the input file while creating the dimension dictionary would cause
the error mentioned above in the build cube (#17) step?

>From what I can tell there shouldn't be a duplicate values since the
step before that is to extract distinct values.

Following is the stack trace for the cube build step for reference:

2016-10-10 05:45:17,461 ERROR [Thread-11]
org.apache.kylin.dict.TrieDictionary: Not a valid value:
2016-10-10 05:45:18,462 ERROR [pool-5-thread-1]
org.apache.kylin.cube.inmemcubing.DoggedCubeBuilder: Dogged Cube Build
error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Value not exists!
	at org.apache.kylin.cube.inmemcubing.DoggedCubeBuilder$BuildOnce.abort(
	at org.apache.kylin.cube.inmemcubing.DoggedCubeBuilder$BuildOnce.checkException(
	at org.apache.kylin.cube.inmemcubing.DoggedCubeBuilder$
	at org.apache.kylin.cube.inmemcubing.AbstractInMemCubeBuilder$
	at java.util.concurrent.Executors$
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Value not exists!
	at org.apache.kylin.dimension.Dictionary.getIdFromValueBytes(
	at org.apache.kylin.dict.TrieDictionary.getIdFromValueImpl(
	at org.apache.kylin.dimension.Dictionary.getIdFromValue(
	at org.apache.kylin.dimension.DictionaryDimEnc$DictionarySerializer.serialize(
	at org.apache.kylin.cube.gridtable.CubeCodeSystem.encodeColumnValue(
	at org.apache.kylin.cube.gridtable.CubeCodeSystem.encodeColumnValue(
	at org.apache.kylin.gridtable.GTRecord.setValues(
	at org.apache.kylin.gridtable.GTRecord.setValues(
	at org.apache.kylin.cube.inmemcubing.InMemCubeBuilderInputConverter.convert(
	at org.apache.kylin.cube.inmemcubing.InMemCubeBuilder$InputConverter$
	at org.apache.kylin.cube.inmemcubing.InMemCubeBuilder$InputConverter$
	at org.apache.kylin.gridtable.GTAggregateScanner.iterator(
	at org.apache.kylin.cube.inmemcubing.InMemCubeBuilder.createBaseCuboid(
	at org.apache.kylin.cube.inmemcubing.DoggedCubeBuilder$



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