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From Santosh Akhilesh <>
Subject Few Questions about Kylin Ability
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2016 09:55:20 GMT
Hi All ,
Last year I had done a PoC for one of our products using Kylin. Our distributed architecture
journey was on hold for some time but now we are back again to rearchitect our system to distributed.
I am writing this mail to understand how and whether Kylin can fit in to our requirements.
Let me give background of our requirement.
Ours is a network performance management solution which needs to handle following scenes.

1. Collect data from network elements in granularity between 30 sec to 5 minute period. Every
period we collect around 150Million KPIs Which are distributed across different service type.
The service types are model driven and can change over period of time.
2. Data which we collect needs to available for Adhoc and OLAP type query ASAP. For example
data collected between 10:00 and 10:05 for 5 mins period should be available for reports to
fire query by 10:06. Query will involve joining performance data with inventory data and also
have filters like query data for Area = Area1 and we also need sort by KPI or property of
inventory with order by Clause
3. We also need OLAP type query like group by area , province , country etc... and needs to
apply sum , max , min , avg aggregator. We also need to generate Top talkers report which
means we need Top N function.
4. There will be background machine learning jobs which need to scan raw and aggregated data.
5. We would be generating around 5-10 TB of data every day and In future may be more.
Now my questions are these. We need to retain data for several days and months based on aggregation
6. Adhoc and OLAP query from report should take < 2 seconds.
So my questions are;

1. Which of the use cases Kylin can support?
2. How long cube building takes and how does it handle the data which will be appended every
30 sec or 5 minutes.
3. Can Kylin support both Adhoc query and OLAP query ?

I have several other questions but I would like to initiate the discussion with these. 
We plan to start a test next week with Kylin I am just setting up a cluster now. We don't
plan to use cloud era or Horton work sandbox as our company has its own sandbox.

Appreciate response from Kylin experts.


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