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From Manjunatha Rao <>
Subject Re: Kylin release plan - h1 2015
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2015 19:17:24 GMT
+ Julian

On 1/12/15, 8:07 AM, "Adunuthula, Seshu" <> wrote:

>Some thoughts before we tag Kylin as V1.0. We should spend some time on
>the fundamentals of Kylin
>1. Availability: Build out the DR capability in Kylin. We have an option
>to DR both the offline Cube
>Build/Refreshes or only the Cube Store (HBase). The cheaper choice would
>be to DR the Cube Store (HBase)
>By creating a Async Replication Instance of HBase on a different Colo.
>2. Security: Currently the Kylin Cube security model inherits from the
>underlying Hive metadata. This
>Needs enhancing if we plan to get data from sources other than Hive. Kylin
>should have its own security
>Model independent of Hive and we should consider integration with the
>security solutions out there
>Knox/Sentry/Ranger etc.
>3. Performance: We have internal performance numbers, but would like them
>validated with externally
>Recognizable benchmarks such as TPC-DS.
>4. Diversity: I would like us to focus on diversity of committers and
>deployments as the final criteria
>For the V1 release.
>Ron and Manju,
>Would like commitment from Cloudera and Hortonworks towards moving the
>needle on Kylin especially
>On Fundamentals such as Security and Performance.
>Seshu Adunuthula
>PS: How come Apache DL emails are still in the 90s. Some formatting in the
>emails would be nice :-)
>On 1/11/15, 6:52 AM, "Luke Han" <> wrote:
>>After open sourced, there are a lot conversion with customers, partners
>>also received many feedback from external, community and others. Combine
>>all information we have and considering our bandwidth so far, we drafted
>>this release plan as below:
>>Here are summary:
>>   - v1.0 (MOLAP), current version to be released with more stable and
>>   fixed. So far there's no majority issue. Target release date:
>>   - v1.1, release via Apache process, target release date: 2015-01-31
>>   - v1.x, bug fix and enhance, soon be merged to HOLAP
>>   - v2.0 (HOLAP), introduced InvertedIndex, since there are totally
>>   different design and concept, we name this release as 2.0, target
>>   date: 2015-03-31
>>   - v2.3, Capacity management and Automation
>>   - v2.5 (Streaming Cube Builder), introduce Streaming Cube Builder
>>   capability in this release
>>   - v2.x, Spark & SparkSQL support, target release date: 2015-06-30
>>Please let's know if there any problem and reply here to discuss.
>>Thank you very much

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