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From "Adunuthula, Seshu" <>
Subject Re: Kylin release plan - h1 2015
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2015 16:07:22 GMT

Some thoughts before we tag Kylin as V1.0. We should spend some time on
the fundamentals of Kylin

1. Availability: Build out the DR capability in Kylin. We have an option
to DR both the offline Cube
Build/Refreshes or only the Cube Store (HBase). The cheaper choice would
be to DR the Cube Store (HBase)
By creating a Async Replication Instance of HBase on a different Colo.

2. Security: Currently the Kylin Cube security model inherits from the
underlying Hive metadata. This
Needs enhancing if we plan to get data from sources other than Hive. Kylin
should have its own security
Model independent of Hive and we should consider integration with the
security solutions out there
Knox/Sentry/Ranger etc.

3. Performance: We have internal performance numbers, but would like them
validated with externally
Recognizable benchmarks such as TPC-DS.

4. Diversity: I would like us to focus on diversity of committers and
deployments as the final criteria
For the V1 release.

Ron and Manju,

Would like commitment from Cloudera and Hortonworks towards moving the
needle on Kylin especially
On Fundamentals such as Security and Performance.

Seshu Adunuthula

PS: How come Apache DL emails are still in the 90s. Some formatting in the
emails would be nice :-)

On 1/11/15, 6:52 AM, "Luke Han" <> wrote:

>After open sourced, there are a lot conversion with customers, partners
>also received many feedback from external, community and others. Combine
>all information we have and considering our bandwidth so far, we drafted
>this release plan as below:
>Here are summary:
>   - v1.0 (MOLAP), current version to be released with more stable and bug
>   fixed. So far there's no majority issue. Target release date:
>   - v1.1, release via Apache process, target release date: 2015-01-31
>   - v1.x, bug fix and enhance, soon be merged to HOLAP
>   - v2.0 (HOLAP), introduced InvertedIndex, since there are totally
>   different design and concept, we name this release as 2.0, target
>   date: 2015-03-31
>   - v2.3, Capacity management and Automation
>   - v2.5 (Streaming Cube Builder), introduce Streaming Cube Builder
>   capability in this release
>   - v2.x, Spark & SparkSQL support, target release date: 2015-06-30
>Please let's know if there any problem and reply here to discuss.
>Thank you very much

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