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Subject [3/3] incubator-kylin git commit: publish kylin meetup blog
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2015 13:46:40 GMT
publish kylin meetup blog


Branch: refs/heads/1.x-staging
Commit: f97a6ea452052782121986b5e6c65c9ec9dd7a72
Parents: fb972d1
Author: Luke Han <>
Authored: Wed Oct 21 21:46:18 2015 +0800
Committer: Luke Han <>
Committed: Wed Oct 21 21:46:18 2015 +0800

 website/_docs/gettingstarted/                   | 10 ++++++----
 website/_posts/blog/ |  5 +++++
 2 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)
diff --git a/website/_docs/gettingstarted/ b/website/_docs/gettingstarted/
index b4697e8..24294ee 100644
--- a/website/_docs/gettingstarted/
+++ b/website/_docs/gettingstarted/
@@ -59,16 +59,18 @@ When you deploy Kylin for more users, switch to LDAP authentication is
 #### Using sub-query for un-supported SQL
-`` Original SQL:
+{% highlight Groff markup %}
+Original SQL:
 select fact.slr_sgmt,
 sum(case when cal.RTL_WEEK_BEG_DT = '2015-09-06' then gmv else 0 end) as W36,
 sum(case when cal.RTL_WEEK_BEG_DT = '2015-08-30' then gmv else 0 end) as W35
 from ih_daily_fact fact
 inner join dw_cal_dt cal on fact.cal_dt = cal.cal_dt
 group by fact.slr_sgmt
+{% endhighlight %}
-``Using sub-query
+{% highlight Groff markup %}
+Using sub-query
 select a.slr_sgmt,
 sum(case when a.RTL_WEEK_BEG_DT = '2015-09-06' then gmv else 0 end) as W36,
 sum(case when a.RTL_WEEK_BEG_DT = '2015-08-30' then gmv else 0 end) as W35
@@ -82,7 +84,7 @@ from (
     group by fact.slr_sgmt, cal.RTL_WEEK_BEG_DT
 ) a
 group by a.slr_sgmt
+{% endhighlight %}
diff --git a/website/_posts/blog/ b/website/_posts/blog/
index 12d46d6..3e33da8 100644
--- a/website/_posts/blog/
+++ b/website/_posts/blog/
@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ On Oct 10th, 2015, Apache Kylin Meetup was successfully held in German Centre,
 ## 1. Apache Kylin Tech Deep Dive - Streaming and Plugin Architecture
 -Yang Li, Sr. Architect eBay ADI, Apache Kylin Tech Leader, PMC member, introduced the detail
design and implementation of Plugin architecture, Streaming Cubing, Fast Cubing, TopN, etc.
in Kylin2 which will be released this year. Some new coming features were also mentioned.
 ![]( /images/blog/meetup_3.jpeg)
@@ -30,24 +31,28 @@ On Oct 10th, 2015, Apache Kylin Meetup was successfully held in German
Centre, S
 ## 3. Apache Tez - Next Gen Execute Engine on Hadoop
 -Jeff Zhang, Sr. Engineer of Hortonworks, Apache Tez committer, introduced the detail architecture
and design of Apache Tez, comparison between Tez and MapReduce, community development and
roadmap etc.
 ![]( /images/blog/meetup_5.jpeg)
 ## 4. Building Data Products with Apache Zeppelin
 -Alexander Bezzubov, Sr. Engineer NFLabs (from Korea), Apache Zeppelin committer & PMC
member, presented the method of how to leverage Zeppelin to build data product based on github
open source. In the end he introduced Zeppelin’s Apache Kylin Intepreter.
 ![]( /images/blog/meetup_6.jpeg)
 ## 5. Kylin Use Case from Finance
 -Hua Huang, technology partner of MiningLAMP, Apache Kylin committer, showed the result of
the MiningLAMP’s recent research over big data, especially from finance field. He then introduced
how MiningLAMP offer big data analysis product to its customers using Kylin. The product has
been deployed and launched among its finance customers, supporting report and OLAP analysis
capability based on more than 100 Kylin Cubes and dozens of TBs’ data.
 ![]( /images/blog/meetup_7.jpeg)
 ## 6. Apache Kylin Roadmap and open source community
 -Luke Han, Lead Product Manager of eBay ADI, Apache Kylin Product Lead, PMC member, introduced
the development history of Apache Kylin and the future Roadmap, especially the upcoming release
of StreamingOLAP and the correlated properties and release plan. The condition of community
development since Kylin became open source was also referred, including newly added Committers
(from eBay, Meituan, MiningLAMP), version release etc. Luke made a special mention that Apache
Kylin has finished its first round voting, which means it is about to graduate from Apache
Incubator and promoted as Apache top-level project soon.
 ![]( /images/blog/meetup_8.jpeg)

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