Congratulations everyone! Keep up the great work!

On Sun, Aug 25, 2019 at 9:40 PM Adar Lieber-Dembo <> wrote:
Hi Kudu community,

I'm happy to announce that the Kudu PMC has voted to add Lifu He, Yao
Xu, and Yao Zhang as new committers and PMC members.

Lifu has worked on a variety of patches, from dead container deletion
in the block manager, to metric aggregation in the master, to several
performance improvements in the rowset interval tree and DMS. He's
currently working on a (very exciting and very ambitious) prototype
for secondary indexing via bitmap indexes. In short, Lifu's
contributions are varied, and has also been helping other users on
Slack and WeChat.

Yao (Xu)'s largest contribution thus far has been the "split key
range" functionality which improves scan parallelism in Spark jobs.
He's also made a number of other contributions, such as the extra
configuration properties framework for tables, and a new tablet
placement policy based on user-defined dimension labels.

Yao (Zhang)'s contributions have included server-side bloom filter
predicate support and, more recently, performance improvements for

Lifu works at NetEase (one of the largest Internet and video game
companies in the world) where he helps operate their Kudu clusters.
Both Yao Xu and Yao Zhang work at Ant Financial (Alipay Inc.) where
they also help operate their very large Kudu deployments. All three
have been instrumental in growing Kudu's presence within China as well
as helping new Chinese users come up to speed with Kudu.

Please join me in congratulating Lifu, Yao, and Yao!

Andrew Wong