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From Дмитрий Павлов <dm.pav...@inbox.ru>
Subject Kudu memory pressure
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2019 08:09:56 GMT

Hi guys
Hopes you are doing well!
I have a question about Kudu and i will appreciate your reply

During t-server log analyzing i have found huge number of following errors:
W0530 02:15:10.793151      22 consensus_peers.cc:457] T 41e3be9529b74ed78dab8f1a9f3cda16
P 0203e2101faf406bba514b01e2bab246 -> Peer 4fc977ca8bc04d6cb855b0be09ad6f09 (tserver-4:7050):
Couldn't send request to peer 4fc977ca8bc04d6cb855b0be09ad6f09. Status: Illegal state: Rejecting
Update request from peer 0203e2101faf406bba514b01e2bab246 for term 20. Could not prepare a
single transaction due to: Service unavailable: transaction on tablet 41e3be9529b74ed78dab8f1a9f3cda16
rejected due to memory pressure: the memory usage of this transaction (16916) plus the current
consumption (67103079) exceeds the transaction memory limit (67108864) or the limit of an
ancestral memory tracker..  This is attempt 2 46: this message will repeat every 5th retry.
Does it mean what Kudu t-server required additional memory space to process transactions and
default configuration options
does not work correctly for our case?  
Are there any recommendations for us to fix this issue in terms of parameter tuning or something

Thanks Dmitry Pavlov
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