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From Nabeelah Harris <nabeelah.har...@impact.com>
Subject Service unavailable due to exceeding transaction memory consumption
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2019 13:24:08 GMT
Hi there

While writing to a particular partition of a Kudu table using
KuduContext.insertRows, I receive the following error: "Service
unavailable: Transaction failed, tablet <tabletId> transaction memory
consumption (67075227) has exceeded its limit (67108864) or the limit
of an ancestral tracker". How would this occur is the consumption is
less than the limit? Writing to other partitions seems to work just

I am inclined to believe that this isn't due to an issue with the
tablet or tablet server itself, as I get the same error when I drop
and re-create the partition, and the partition ends up on a different
tablet/server entirely. Is this simply because I'm trying to write too
much data at once? What are the kinds of logs I can look for on the
masters/tablet servers to indicate that this might happen? What are
some of the configs I might be able to tweak regarding this issue?


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